Significant figures

The legend of the castle of Ventadour was made thanks to important historical events, but also thanks to significant figures who marked their times. In a few lines, discover these great characters associated with the castle of Ventadour.

Ebles II "Lo cantador"


Ebles II is the direct descendant of the first lord who settled on the site. Nicknamed “lo cantador” (the singer), he acquired a reputation in the trobar art and his talent earned him recognition by Guillaume IX of Aquitaine, one of the first troubadours. There is even talk of the “escola n’Eblum” (the school of Ebles), where this poet instructed many troubadours, of which Bernart of Ventadorn was the most talented.

Bernart of Ventadorn


Bernart de Ventadorn does not come from the Ventadour line. Yet he strongly marked the history of the site and the Occitan culture.

According to the vida of Uc de Saint Circ (13th century troubadour), he was the son of a servant and a baker, and was born very close to the Castle. Courteous and educated, his way of singing and finding (art of the trobar) seduced Ebles II, who tutored him. Talented in the art of fin’amor (poetry that emphasizes the expression of romantic feelings), he would have seduced the wife of Ebles III and be expelled from the Castle as a result. He joined the prestigious court of Eleanor of Aquitaine where he composed many songs in his honor. He follows her until her marriage to the Duke of Normandy (Henry II of Plantagenet), before continuing his life as a troubadour with Count Raimon of Toulouse.

When the latter died, he retired and ended his days at the Abbey of Dalon. Other interpretations of his life suggest that he would be the hidden son of Ebles II (according to the troubadour Pierre d’Auvergne).

Of Bernart de Ventadorn, we must above all remember the considerable work he left behind him. About forty poems, including 20 accompanied by music, are attributed to him and provide a precise vision of the poetry of the 12th century.

Marie of ventadour

... - †1222

Daughter of Viscount Raymond II de Turenne, she married Ebles V of Ventadour and was a source of inspiration for many troubadours of her time (Gaulcem Faydit, Pierre de Vic, Gui d’Ussel). But Marie of Ventadour is also a trobairitz (trobadour woman) who left a precious testimony with a “tenson” (song in the form of a dialogue) with Gui d’Ussel

Bernard of ventadour, the count


Bernard de Ventadour takes over from his younger brother Ebles VIII, who died childless. He engages with the kings of France, Philippe VI & Jean II le Bon, in many battles against the English. Phillip VI of Valois will reward him by appointing him Count of Ventadour and Montpensier in 1350.

Black head Geoffroy

... - †1388

Famous truck driver in the pay of the English, this austere and cruel Breton acquired a serious reputation as a company leader and marked the history of the second half of the 14th century in Auvergne and Limousin. In 1379, he seized the fortress of Ventadour by trickery and made this impregnable place a base from which he led many excursions and misdeeds with his men. He occupied the castle for nearly 10 years and refused to release it until the troops of the Duke of Berry attacked. Geoffroy was wounded by a crossbow bolt and succumbed to his wounds, bequeathing the castle to his cousin Alain le Roux. Shortly after, the castle will be taken over.

Gilbert III Lévis Ventadour


Governor and Seneschal of Limousin, married to Catherine de Montmorency in 1553, he was named Duke by Henry III in 1378 and became Governor Seneschal of Beaujolais and Lyonnais. He installed in Egletons the first seat of a ducal seneschalsy.

The illustrations used to describe these historical figures are not based on any real or historical description. They only serve for esthetical purposes on this website.

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