Visitor materials adapted to people with visual and hearing disabilities have been created to allow visitors to discover the Castle of Ventadour. One more step towards accessibility for all of the site..

What tools to visit the castle ?

The Castle of Ventadour has partnered with AcceSens, a specialist in cultural mediation for people with disabilities, to offer physical and digital tools to facilitate visits of the Castle for visually and/or hearing impaired people. This partnership made it possible to create various visit media:

– Booklets in relief and contrasting colors, available free of charge at the Castle’s entrance.

Audio description materials, available via the Handivisites application (to be downloaded before your visit). The audiodescription is in French. You may not understand the content if you don’t speak the language.

– Video materials in French Sign Language, accessible via the Handivisites application (to be downloaded before your visit). If you don’t understand the French Sign Language, you can still read the content on the signs of the interpretation path inside the Castle. It will give you the essential informations about the history of the Castle.

With the Handivisites app (which you can download by scanning the QR Code right below), you have access to various media to facilitate your visit and help you understand the Ventadour site:

Handivisites is a free application allowing people with disabilities to benefit from adapted visit materials on many tourist sites in France, including the Château de Ventadour.

Download the Handivisites application by scanning the QR Code)

Listen to a part of the audio description (in french)

See a short clip of the visit in French Sign Language

Prepare my visit ...

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